After You Arrive

Welcome to Manitoba! Your pre-arrival preparation builds a foundation to establish yourself in your new home. When you arrive, your first step towards success is to visit Manitoba Start. If your destination in Manitoba is a community outside of Winnipeg, your first step is to visit your nearest immigrant settlement service agency.

canada-immigration-manitoba-start-600w450Manitoba Start is located at 271 Portage Avenue in downtown Winnipeg. It is an essential part of the Manitoba Immigration Service Continuum, supporting two critical elements: Centralized Registration and Referral, and Consolidated Economic Integration Services.

Through Manitoba Start’s Centralized Registration and Referral service, your needs will be assessed by friendly staff. You will be referred to appropriate newcomer settlement services, including Entry Program which offers free, settlement orientation classes, and l’Accueil francophone if your first language is French.

Your referral pathway will also include the Winnipeg English Language Assessment and Referral Centre (WELARC) if one of your settlement objectives is to improve your English language skills.

Manitoba Start offers a consolidated, client-centred employment service which is able to meet the diversity of needs of labour market-destined immigrant newcomers to Manitoba.

By enrolling in free career planning and employment services at Manitoba Start, you will receive professional career coaching and learn skills to advance your career in Manitoba. Some of the topics you will learn about include:

  • Canadian-style job finding techniques,
  • Canadian-style self-marketing tools, such as resumes, cover letters and interview skills,
  • Manitoba labour market,
  • Registration processes for regulated occupations in Manitoba, and
  • Canadian workplace culture.

Manitoba Start also offers job-matching services through pro-active employer engagement. It hosts numerous employer events, such as job fairs and informative industry panels. You can build your professional network through Manitoba Start with workplace tours and a mentorship program.

Manitoba Start’s employment services, combined with your enthusiasm and efforts, will help you achieve your career goals in Manitoba.