Settle in Manitoba

When you commit to Manitoba, Manitoba Immigration commits to you – by empowering immigrants to successfully settle in our province.

Manitoba Immigration has designed a service continuum for Manitoba-destined skilled workers and entrepreneurs to put you on the path to success. There are four main components to the Immigration Service Continuum.

  1. Economic Immigrant Selection
  2. Pre-arrival Supports
  3. Centralized Registration and Referral
  4. Consolidated Economic Integration Services

The service continuum ensures you access the right information, services and resources at the right time – pre- and post-arrival in Manitoba. This helps ease the transition as you settle in your new home, and guide you as you embark on your career in Manitoba.

Visit the Work in Manitoba section of this website for information on job-ready English, working in a regulated profession or trade, and having your credentials assessed.

Immigration Service Continuum
NOTE: Manitoba Start is the first stop for new immigrants arriving to Winnipeg on the Manitoba Immigration Service Continuum. New immigrants settling outside of Winnipeg are encouraged to visit the nearest immigrant settlement service agency (<1MB PDF).

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