Recruit Overseas

Each year the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program plans overseas recruitment missions to respond to employer’s needs and interest to recruit skilled workers to vacant positions. Targeted overseas recruitment missions are resource-intensive processes designed to meet larger labour market needs.

Employers who express a need and interest in participating in an overseas recruitment mission, must be vetted by the Employer Engagement Unit and satisfy they are eligible to recruit foreign workers and have a genuine labour market need.

The Employer Engagement Unit assists Manitoba employers to take advantage of overseas events and initiatives targeting skilled workers, tradespeople and professionals eager and able to move to Canada.

Need Assistance?

Contact the Employer Engagement Unit of Manitoba Immigration and Economic Opportunities:

Our experienced immigration program officers will help you successfully attend overseas job fairs to find the skilled workers your company needs.

Candidates will be assessed based on:

  • Age: 21 – 45 (unless otherwise specifically requested by the employer)
  • Education: Have completed post secondary education where required by the occupation/employer. (on selected pilots, on the job training may be considered)
  • Work Experience: Have at least 3 years experience in the past 5 years in an occupation related to the in-demand occupation for which they are being selected.
  • Official Languages Proficiency: Meet demonstrate language proficiency of CLB/NCLC 5 in all four skill areas. CLB/NCLC 4 for NOC C and D occupations may be considered at MPNP discretion.
  • Adaptability and Settlement Supports: Priority will be given to labour market needs outside of the Manitoba Capital Region. Candidates who demonstrate stronger ties to another province of Canada, through previous employment or previous completion of post-secondary education, may be deemed a retention risk and not approved by the MPNP.

Employers will be required to pay transportation to Manitoba costs for selected workers in semi-skilled (NOC C or D) occupations and may also be required to pay repatriation costs.

Employers will be required to register with the Government of Canada’s Employer Portal and pay the $230 compliance fee. These fees cannot be charged back to the worker.


Potential Overseas Recruitment Mission Plan for 2018

Location Date
Destination Canada: Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium November 2018


Overseas recruitment missions are subject to resource availability and final approval.