Prepare to Recruit

Manitoba employers can determine if they are eligible to work with the Employer Engagement Unit by confirming their business meets the eligibility criteria and if the positions they are recruiting for have a positive impact on the local labour market.

To determine if your business is eligible to work with the Employer Engagement Unit, review the employer eligibility requirements.

Employer Engagement Unit

Manitoba Immigration and Economic Opportunities Division
•  204-945-2806


What does my business need to do?

Step 1

Exhaust all efforts to find local citizens/permanent residents for the position(s) you are trying to fill. Advertise the vacant position(s) and demonstrate any additional recruitment efforts were used to attract citizens/permanent residents to the position(s).

Advertising should include:

  • Government of Canada Job Bank for four weeks (keep ads continuous)
  • Local newspapers
  • Websites such as,,
  • Careers section on corporate website
  • Contact with Manitoba Start
  • Career Fairs
  • Universities, colleges and trade schools

Step 2

Develop a Human Resource Plan that addresses:

  • A genuine need to recruit workers;
  • A timeline when workers are needed;
  • The number of workers needed to meet labour market need;
  • Whether the need for workers is to meet immediate demand or longer term business growth; and
  • Turnover of workers, and how turnover can be mitigated and aid in retention.

Step 3

Complete the Strategic Recruitment Information Form (SRIF) (<500KB PDF) and gather proof of advertising, Human Resource Plan and proof of business registration/incorporation documents.

Step 4

Contact the Employer Engagement Unit of Manitoba Immigration and Economic Opportunities by calling 204-945-2806 or e-mailing

Once we have scheduled a meeting with you, we will review your documentation to determine an effective recruitment option(s) that will assist you in finding the workers you need.