Recruitment Steps

If your business meets eligibility criteria, you can proceed to complete the following steps:

Step 1

Advertise: (all advertisements must be posted for 4 continuous weeks and must remain active throughout the entire recruitment process)

  • on Canada Job Bank; and (2) other sources
  • on reputable job sites such as Indeed and Kijiji

See Methods of Recruitment for a full list of options

Step 2

Contact Manitoba Start’s Job Matching Unit to post vacant positions (must provide proof of Contact with MB Start and on-going correspondence)

Step 3

Develop a Human Resource Plan which demonstrates:

  • a genuine need to recruit workers;
  • timeline when workers are needed;
  • number of workers needed to meet labour market need;
  • immediate or business growth need (must specify)
  • turnover rate and measures in place to mitigate turnover
  • how workers and their families will be supported upon arrival (list all settlement supports provide)

Step 4

Complete Employer Recruitment Form (ERF), gather advertising, Human Resource plan and proof of business registration and or certificate of incorporation

Step 5

Submit all documentation above to

Note: MPNP Employer Services will not accept paper submissions.

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