English Language Training at Work

Clear communication is essential to the success of every business and every employee

The English at Work program, delivered by Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE);

  • brings customized language and intercultural training to your workplace with trained and experienced instructors;
  • provides access to English language training for working people who can’t attend community classes;
  • focuses on workplace communication and complements other workplace training;
  • is offered at all levels from beginner to advanced;
  • starts and stops at any time of the year to match work cycles; and
  • is typically offered in two-hour classes held twice a week near the end of the employee workday, with one hour on paid work time and one hour on employee personal time.
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Instructors consult with managers about the course content and devise lessons that ensure your employees are working safely, productively, and with an increased ability to communicate with supervisors and co-workers. Topics include:

  • workplace safety
  • understanding instructions
  • communicating with co-workers
  • reading workplace documents
  • writing email or reports
  • making presentations at work
  • improving pronunciation

The shared investment between business and government with the English at Work program results in excellent attendance and commitment.

For further information, visit eaweese.ca or telephone 204-927-4375.

Community Language Classes for Newcomers

There are many options for newcomers who want to improve their English in a general ESL class. If you have employees interested in attending English classes, they should first make an appointment at a language assessment centre. There are several centres in Manitoba: