Manitoba Immigration Supports Manitoba Businesses

The Employer Engagement Unit of Manitoba Immigration and Economic Opportunities makes it easier for Manitoba employers to attract and retain the workers they need to meet labour market shortages and to become more competitive in the global workplace.

The Employer Engagement Unit creates partnerships with eligible Manitoba employers seeking to recruit and retain experienced internationally trained workers and qualify international students for full-time, long-term jobs in Manitoba.

By providing a variety of recruitment options that best meet the immediate and long-term needs of your business, the Employer Engagement Unit will work with you in four simple steps.

Internationally experienced workers with a strong employment connection to Manitoba will continue to receive the highest priority for invitations to apply through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Prepare to Recruit

Determine if you’re eligible for support from the Employer Engagement Unit in your overseas recruitment efforts.

Employer Eligibility

Employers who have demonstrated an immediate ongoing need for skilled workers may qualify to participate in strategic recruitment initiatives in partnership with the Employer Engagement Unit.

Employer Direct Recruitment

Employer Engagement will work with you to determine a suitable effective recruitment method for hiring internationally trained workers for your particular labour needs.

Overseas Recruitment

The Employer Engagement Unit can assist eligible Manitoba employers to take advantage of overseas events and initiatives targeting skilled workers, tradespeople and professionals eager and able to move to Canada.

Other Recruitment Options

Learn about other recruitment options, which may include referral to federal immigration programs: