MPNP Renewal

The current MPNP criteria for Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers in Manitoba remains in effect for Expressions of Interest and applications received before the effective dates below.
Information on this page will be updated regularly.


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Renewal Improves Manitoba’s Competitiveness for Global Skills

The Canada and Manitoba governments have reached agreement on the renewal of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The MPNP renewal builds on our 10-point Economic Plan by improving Manitoba’s economic competitiveness, attracting new investment, fostering a skilled workforce, and encouraging new immigration.

The MPNP will be reorganized around four new or revised application streams:

  1. International Education Stream (IES)
  2. Business Investor Stream (BIS)
  3. Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream (SWM)
  4. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream (SWO)

Each stream will include more flexible pathways to ensure that all provincial nominees are able to meet clearly defined labour market and economic needs in Manitoba. These priorities will be clearly communicated to potential MPNP applicants through a regularly updated In-Demand Occupations list.

The MPNP will continue to support Manitoba’s francophone immigration strategy by providing priority for francophone applicants who meet the required criteria in one or more of the four streams.

Existing Candidates and Applicants

Candidates with valid Expression of Interest (EOI) profiles will be assessed under the criteria in effect on the draw date. Applicants will have their MPNP application assessed under the criteria valid on the date their EOI profile was drawn.

Candidates will receive information on how technical changes to the MPNP Online application system will affect their EOI profiles before changes are made.

Information Sessions

  • Information sessions for potential applicants, representatives, and the family members of potential applicants were held on December 6, 2017. Download the MPNP Renewal Information Session Presentation (3 MB PDF).
  • Information sessions for international students have been held at post-secondary institutions on an as-requested basis since January 2018.


  • Information on the MPNP Renewal, including the renewal timeline, will be updated regularly.

Renewal Timeline

Change Date
In-Demand Occupations list used to prioritize Expressions of Interest (EOI) for inviting applications from the Skilled Worker Overseas stream Immediately
“PNP-B” replaced by new Business Investor Stream Immediately
New Skilled Worker Overseas Stream – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway criteria in effect January 2018
Skilled Worker Overseas Stream – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway EOI draw January 2018
Renewed Business Investor Stream (BIS) criteria in effect Q1 2018*
New International Education Stream (IES) criteria in effect November 2018*
Technical changes to MPNP Online application system November 2018*
Renewed Skilled Worker Overseas Stream criteria in effect November 2018*
Renewed Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream criteria in effect November 2018*
* Effective dates are dependent on updates to the MPNP Online application system and are subject to change

Renewal Details