Expression of Interest Ranking for Skilled Workers

Please ensure you keep a copy of your EOI Summary Report before submitting your EOI.



By completing an Expression of Interest, you automatically receive a score based on a number of criteria. The highest-scoring candidates in the pool will be invited on a regular basis to provide a full application to the MPNP.

You can view a PDF version of our EOI Ranking points grid or read on to learn more about how you will be scored.

Factor 1: Language Proficiency

Points are based on individual Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) band scores for Reading Writing, Listening and Speaking. Points awarded based on official test results provided. Those candidates who do not submit valid results of an approved language test do not receive points in this category. To be considered valid, your test must have been taken no more than two years prior to the date you submit your MPNP Online application. Points for the second official language are also based on evidence in form of official test results indicating the candidate scores at least at CLB 5 overall.

Language Proficiency Ranking Points
First Official Language
CLB 8 or higher 25 per band
CLB 7 22 per band
CLB 6 20 per band
CLB 5 17 per band
CLB 4 12 per band
CLB 3 or lower  0
Second Official Language
CLB 5 or higher (overall) 25
Maximum Points – Factor 1 125

Factor 2: Age

Points are based on your age at the time your Expression of Interest is submitted to the MPNP.

Age Ranking Points
18 20
19 30
20 40
21 to 45 75
46 40
47 30
48 20
49 10
50 or older 0
Maximum Points – Factor 2 75

Factor 3: Work experience

Points are calculated based on your years of full-time work experience. Your employment is considered full-time if you are working for 30 hours or more each week for the same employer.Only full-time jobs of six months or longer should be included. You should only count full years of work experience you have already completed. Do not round up your work experience (Ex.: If you have gained 7 months of work experience, you would have to answer less than 1).

Additional points for licensing are only awarded to those candidates who are working in professions or trades that require licensing in Manitoba and have completed all necessary steps to be able to seek employment in Manitoba. Evidence of this is required at the time an application is submitted to the MPNP.

Years of work experience Ranking Points
less than one year  0
one year 40
two years 50
three years 60
four years or more 75
Fully recognized by provincial licensing body 100
Maximum Points – Factor 3 175

Factor 4: Education

Points are calculated based on the highest level of education you completed at a recognized education institution. A completed program is one for which you have met all requirements and received a certificate, diploma or degree.

Highest level of completed education Ranking Points
Master’s degree or Doctorate 125
Two post-secondary programs of at least two years each 115
One post-secondary program of three years or more 110
One post-secondary program of two years 100
One-year post-secondary program 70
Trade Certificate 70
No formal post-secondary education 0
Maximum Points – Factor 4 125

Factor 5: Adaptability

Adaptability points are calculated based on the type of connection you have to Manitoba. All candidates must have at least one type of connection to our province (Regional Development is considered a supplemental connection factor; points can only be awarded in combination with a Manitoba connection). You cannot be awarded points for more than one connection factor, you will only be scored based on your connection which gives you the highest score. Supplemental points for Regional Development cannot be awarded to candidates whose connection to Manitoba is based on Manitoba Demand. All candidates indicating that they plan to settle outside of Winnipeg MUST at the time of application satisfactorily demonstrate that they have a convincing connection to a region outside of the capital city indicating a strong likelihood that they will make a long-term economic contribution to that region.

Adaptability Factor Ranking Points
Connection to Manitoba
Close relative in Manitoba 200
Previous authorized work experience in Manitoba (six months or more) 100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (two years or more) 100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (one year) 50
Close friend or distant relative in Manitoba 50
Manitoba Demand
Ongoing employment in Manitoba for six months or more with long-term job offer from the same employer 500
Invitation to Apply under a Strategic Initiative 500
Regional Development
Immigration destination in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg 50
Maximum Points – Factor 5 500

Factor 6: Risk Assessment

Ranking points will no longer be deducted if you or your spouse have a close relative living in another Canadian province or if you have a previous immigration application to another province.   You are still required to answer these questions.  The maximum negative ranking points possible now is -200.

If you have a valid EOI, you do NOT need to create a new one, the points will automatically be adjusted.  You can log-in to view your current score and change/update your valid profile at any time if your circumstances change by updating the information in your EOI and hitting re-submit.

Points are calculated based on any connections you or your spouse, if applicable, may have to other parts of Canada.

Risk Factor Ranking Points
Close relative in another province and no close relative in Manitoba      0
Work experience in another province -100
Studies in another province -100
Previous immigration application to another province      0
Maximum Points – Factor 6 -200