Language Proficiency

Job-ready official language proficiency is required to apply to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada through the MPNP.

To demonstrate your level of English proficiency, all applicants (except those currently working in Manitoba in NOC 0, A or B) must submit valid official results of an MPNP-approved language test taken no more than two years prior to the date you submit your MPNP Online application.

MPNP-approved language tests are:

From test scores, applicants are assigned language points based on the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks), according to the MPNP CLB Language Grid (PDF).

CLB Calculators

Use a CLB Calculator to find out your CLB from your test scores.

Calculators are provided for ease of use, employing the same test score and CLB figures as the MPNP CLB Grid, which is the official program document.

Applicants for semi-skilled and low-skilled occupations (NOC C and D) must achieve a minimum of CLB 4 in English and submit their test results with their MPNP application. NOC C and D jobs include lower-skilled workers in the trades, primary and manufacturing industries, sales and services, and certain clerical and assistant categories.