MPNP Monthly Data

Monthly data on Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program nominations, refusals, inventory, and information sessions.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

BCBusiness Concept
BISBusiness Investor Stream
EOIExpression of Interest
LAALetter of Advice to Apply
MPNPManitoba Provincial Nominee Program
SWSkilled Worker streams

Nominations and Approvals – 2021

MonthSW NominationsBIS Nominations*Business Approvals**Total Nominations
January2500 5250
Grand Total25005250

*Includes previous MPNP-B Business Immigration category nominations (direct-to-permanent model).

**Applicants with a Business Approval must meet the terms of their Business Performance Agreement before nomination (temporary-to-permanent model).

Express Entry Nominations

Grand Total19

Refusals – 2021

Grand Total202

*Includes previous MPNP-B Business Immigration category nominations (direct-to-permanent model).

Expressions of Interest – 2021

The number of Expressions of Interest drawn and issued a letter of advice to apply, as well as the number of business concepts submitted. For further details on Skilled Worker draws, see SW Expression of Interest draw data.

January 49053
Grand Total49053

Applications Received – 2021

January4664 470
Grand Total4664 470

Applications in Assessment and Pending Assessment – 2021

The numbers in the table below reflect data available as of the start of the first business day of each month. Application “in assessment” means an MPNP officer has been assigned to the file, but a final decision has not been communicated to the applicant yet. Please note that these numbers may change throughout the day based on program operations.

MonthIn AssessmentPendingTotal
January326 208 534
Grand Total326208534

Information Sessions – 2021

The number of attendees at in-house information sessions delivered by the MPNP. See the Information Sessions section for further details.

January 000
Grand Total000
*In-person information sessions are not available at this time.

Federal Data

For information on immigrant landings, please visit the Government of Canada open data portal.