What if I need more time than the two years after landing to establish my business?

An extension may be granted depending on your circumstances and what kinds of activities you had undertaken within the two-year period. Extensions are not automatically granted unless requested for with an adequate explanation as to why the extension should be granted.

If I have already applied for immigration under a Federal Government Program, or under any other Provincial Nominee program, can I still apply under the MPNP Business Investor Stream?

You may apply under the Business Investor Stream (BIS) only if your other application was filed through a Federal Government’s Immigration Program and that application is still waiting for a decision. Your application under the BIS will not be accepted if you already have a pending application with any of the other provinces of Canada.

Who do I contact after I arrive in Manitoba?

It is important that you contact staff of the MPNP, located on the 7th Floor, 213 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, telephone: 204-945-1872, to arrange an appointment. You will be required to bring your landing papers with you at that time. The MPNP Office provides information, advice and guidance to Nominees of the MPNP in preparing for and going through the establishment of their proposed businesses.

Can I start to dispose of my assets after I get nominated by Manitoba and before getting my Permanent Resident Visa?

Do not quit your job or dispose of any assets until Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has provided you with a Permanent Resident Visa.

Can I still apply to MPNP if I have been refused under an immigration program of another province?

Yes you can still apply. However, you will be required to advise the MPNP if an application has been made previously to another Provincial or Federal immigration program. You are required to advise the MPNP of the results of that application including copies of any correspondence such as a letter of refusal. The application should contain sufficient information to allow the MPNP to evaluate why the factors for refusal in the other Provincial or Federal programs do not apply to the application to Manitoba.

Does the MPNP assist Nominees to identify specific business opportunities in Manitoba? What is a good business to invest in?

As a government entity, the MPNP does not endorse or advertise directly or indirectly any business opportunities. The MPNP does not have a list of businesses for sale. However, through the counselling services by an MPNP Program Officer, the MPNP will provide you with the necessary information and knowledge that will allow you to undertake independent research for business opportunities in Manitoba.

Manitoba has a very diverse economy with business opportunities in a variety of economic sectors. We encourage you to conduct as much research as possible to identify opportunities across the broad spectrum of businesses operating in the Manitoba economy.

I conduct most of my business activities on a cash basis. What documentation do I need to supply to support my income?

In some situations, an applicant may be involved in a business where transactions mostly occur on a cash basis. The financial statements, business bank accounts and/or tax payment records may not support the activity level of the business. Unsupported declarations about the scope and size of the business are not sufficient. It is your responsibility to present sufficient credible documentation to demonstrate your source of income and funds.

How is an application assessed to determine if it meets the MPNP requirements?

The MPNP’s assessment system uses a multi-step process for reviewing applications for nomination. Once the Nomination Application is received following a Letter of Advice to Apply, the file is comprehensively assessed by a Program Officer. If the assessing officer is able to make a positive assessment with the information and supporting documentation contained within the application, an approval recommendation from the officer is then reviewed by the Assessment Review Team (ART) comprised of Senior Management of the MPNP.

If the assessing officer is inclined to recommend an application for refusal due to concerns that you have not satisfied the MPNP that you meet all MPNP requirements, a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) will be sent to you and your authorized representative (if applicable). The PFL will outline the officer’s concerns and allow you up to 30 days to respond. The MPNP believes that this time period will allow you a fair opportunity to respond to the concerns outlined in the PFL. Upon receipt of information from you regarding the PFL or after the specified period has expired, the officer completes his/her assessment of the application. The final step is for the officer’s recommendation to be reviewed by the ART. This multi-step process involving multiple officers of the MPNP ensures that each application is assessed fairly.

If I receive a PFL and respond, will my application automatically be approved?

The Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) provides you with a fair opportunity to satisfy the concerns raised by the assessing officer. The response you provide must satisfy all of the MPNP’s concerns raised in the PFL. Subsequently, the application will be assessed taking your response into consideration, but this does not guarantee that your application will be approved.