Manitoba support form improved

March 2014

MPNP improves format of Settlement Plan Part 2

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has changed the format of the PDF that is emailed to Manitoba supporters of MPNP applicants.

Settlement Plan Part 2 (SPP2e) is now a fully interactive PDF.

How it works:

  • In the first part of the PDF you type – and save – your information using Adobe Reader or similar free app.
  • Only the last page of SPP2 must be printed. This enables you to sign the page and place your ID in the spaces provided so that you can scan the page and attach the resulting digital document to your email to the MPNP along with the first part of the form.

This change makes the form easier to use and, in particular, makes it easier for Manitoba Supporters to keep their completed Settlement Plan Part 2 small enough to send us by email (Email attachments must total less than 2 MB.)

A Manitoba Supporter is the established resident of the province who is declared by Skilled Workers Overseas who are applying on the strength of their social connection to Manitoba.


How do I contact the MPNP?

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program offers fully digital communications and correspondence – via email, the website and our secure and private web application, MPNP Online.

Note: the MPNP does not accept telephone inquiries, and only people who have been formally authorized by the applicant may communicate with the program about an MPNP application.

Manitoba Labour and Immigration
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
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Phone: 204-945-2806

To contact the minister’s office or department staff, visit: > Manitoba Labour and Immigration.