MPNP offers e-correspondence only

March 2013

Reminder: check your e-mail; postal correspondence not accepted

Applicants, Manitoba Supporters and consultants are reminded that all MPNP correspondence is by e-mail. Ensure the program has your current e-mail address. If sending updates to make sure to include your full name, file number (if applicable) and both your new address and the address you previously provided. (Those who applied by mail will continue to receive postal correspondence.)

MPNP streamlined

March 2013

MPNP streamlined; now two paths to Manitoba

Next month we are improving our Made in Manitoba immigration program by streamlining the MPNP for Skilled Workers, making it simpler and easier to understand for the many thousands who want to join our communities as permanent residents.

These program design improvements will create two easy avenues for immigration:

  • Skilled workers currently employed in Manitoba as temporary foreign workers or international student graduates will continue to be eligible for the program with a job offer after six months of local employment
  • Skilled workers overseas will be awarded points for language, work history, education and adaptability. A connection to Manitoba either through previous work experience, family or friends will remain a key factor under the program.

The MPNP design improvements will come into effect April 1, 2013.


MPNP online only

July 2013

MPNP Canada’s first online-only immigration program

The MPNP Generic Application form, which last spring replaced the PDF MAPP form after the MPNP stopped printing its application kit more than two years ago, is no longer available as an online download. Outstanding applications using a mail-in form must be received by the MPNP no later than Sept. 6, 2013. The MPNP offers information sessions to applicants as well as public kiosks for them to submit electronic applications, scan and upload their documents.

Change for out-of-province scholars

August 2013

MPNP strengthens requirements for applicants from other Canadian provinces to demonstrate a strong commitment to living and working in Manitoba

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has increased the length of time that skilled workers with connections to other Canadian provinces must work in Manitoba before they are eligible for the MPNP.

Effective Sept. 1, 2013 foreign nationals who have previously studied in another province or territory of Canada will not be eligible to apply to the MPNP unless they can provide evidence of:

  • at least one year of ongoing work experience with a Manitoba employer
  • valid work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • an offer of a permanent full-time job from a Manitoba employer

Previously, the requirement was six months of work experience in Manitoba.

This change does NOT affect temporary foreign workers in Manitoba or international student graduates of Manitoba post-secondary schools. They remain eligible for the MPNP when offered a job after six months of work.

NOTE: These criteria refer only to an applicant eligibility to apply and do not guarantee nomination by the MPNP. The MPNP reserves the right to assess each eligible application on a case-by-case basis.


Web service interruption

March 31, 2014

Web service lapse demonstrates high security of MPNP Online

A major service outage made the MPNP website ( inaccessible for most of the week.

However, the MPNP’s web-based application tool MPNP Online was not affected except for weblinks to a support documentation located on the webserver.

MPNP Online, a self-guiding web-based application, features cutting-edge, Made in Manitoba technology, and is hosted in the Government of Manitoba’s high-security web environment, which guarantees ease of use, data security, and universal accessibility to the MPNP’s clients around the globe.

Learn more: about the Manitoba government’s high level of commitment to Internet security, privacy and accessibility at the Online Services Portal.