How do I find out the status of my MPNP application?

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) does NOT accept inquries about the status of applications – neither by email, post, telephone nor in person.

Registered users of MPNP Online can log in to the program’s web application to check the status of applications.

MPNP Online status messages are as follows:

Received   –   Demande reçue

  • The MPNP Online application you submitted has been successfully received and is in pre-assessment, the stage at which we ensure all information has been accurately entered and supporting documents are legible and verifiable.

Information Requested   –   Information supplémentaire requise

  • The MPNP is waiting for information to address an issue preventing further progress; this could be related to any aspect of your application and may involve a request directed to applicant, supporter or another party such as your past employer or school.

Assessment Pending   –   Dans l’attente d’évaluation

  • Your application is awaiting review by MPNP program officers.

Assessment in Process   –   Évaluation en cours

  • Application is being reviewed.

No Assessment Required   –   Demande retirée

  • Applicant has withdrawn his/her application.

Not Accepted for Assessment   –   Pas acceptée aux fins d’évaluation

  • MPNP has determined application is ineligible, incomplete or otherwise not acceptable.

Assessment Complete   –   Évaluation finalisée

  • MPNP program officers have completed their reviews; correspondence is being sent to inform applicant of the result of our assessment of your application.

Request for Review in process   –   Révision de la décision en cours

  • This message pertains to refused applications for which the applicant has formally requested an RFR – Request for Review.