Do I need an immigration representative, consultant or lawyer to apply to the MPNP?

You do NOT need a paid immigration intermediary (lawyer, consultant, representative, recruiter) to prepare, complete and submit your free application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

MPNP Online is designed so it is easy for you to apply by yourself and on your own without assistance.

Moreover, the MPNP treats all applications the same. Paying a representative to help with your MPNP application will NOT result in special attention nor a more favourable outcome.

If you choose to hire a representative, however, he or she must be authorized according to the MPNP Code of Conduct, which you, the client, must also sign. Manitoba will only recognize or release information to a paid immigration representative who:

  • is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or of a law society in a Canadian province
  • has signed the MPNP Code of Conduct
  • is named by the applicant and/or employer in their respective application
  • the MPNP considers not to have engaged in activities contrary to the interests of program integrity

Warning: Manitoba’s Worker Recruitment and Protection Act makes it illegal for immigration representatives, recruiters or anyone else to charge foreign workers or future immigrants for assistance in seeking or finding a job in Manitoba (any fees are paid by the employer).

Sharing applicant information: For any and all applicants, the MPNP will disclose information about your application to ONLY one person (paid or unpaid) in addition to the applicant him/herself. As applicant, it is your right and responsibility to name this person (in MPNP Online). If you hire a representative, this is the only person you have authorized to communicate with the MPNP (ie. We cannot also communicate with your Manitoba Supporter).

Applicants may remove a named representative from their application at any time by providing a signed, written request to the MPNP. Applicants must remove an existing representative before changing to a new representative.

Cautions and advice from CIC about using immigration representatives

More information from the MPNP

If you have hired or are considering hiring a representative in connection with your MPNP application, be aware that:

  • For purposes of the MPNP, an immigration representative is anyone you pay and authorize to represent, advise, consult or look into the status of your application. A representative can be a lawyer or consultant, or even a friend or relative you pay.
  • The MPNP reserves the right not to accept an application if it determines that a representative or applicant has not complied with the terms specified in the Code of Conduct.
  • Immigration representatives cannot guarantee that you will get a nomination certificate, visa, obtain your citizenship or benefit from special treatment if you use their services.
  • The MPNP online application tool makes it easy to apply on your own. The MPNP provides the application tool free of charge.
  • The MPNP is not associated with any representatives.
  • All applications are treated the same.
  • Using the services of an immigration representative is at the applicant’s own risk. Applicants are responsible to check that representatives they choose are authorized, ethical and competent to work on their behalf.
  • The MPNP is not responsible for the resolution of any disputes arising between applicants and their immigration representative.
  • Be cautious when dealing with recruiters and immigration representatives practising outside Canada. They are outside the reach of Canadian law.
  • Fees charged and services offered by lawyers, consultants and representatives vary.
  • If you are successful in obtaining permanent resident status, Manitoba provides immigrants free settlement and employment-support services.

Warning: If you experience difficulties, file a complaint with the appropriate local authorities as soon as possible. If you believe your representative has committed a crime, contact the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). If your representative is outside Canada, send your complaint to the authorities in the country where he or she has a place of business or is a resident. Still, inform the MPNP and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) of the situation.

How paid representatives use the MPNP online application

  1. Create an MPNP Online account, identifying yourself as a representative.
  2. After filling in your information, the online application takes you to a Stop page that explains how to finish the registration process through our verification of your credentials.
    – If you log in again before being verified you will see the same Stop page.
    – The page instructs you to email us your licence document.
  3. Once we review your information, the MPNP will activate your account and send you an email telling you to proceed. Verification and activation takes about 48 hours.