Why is a Deposit Agreement required?

If your Application for Nomination is approved by Manitoba, you will be required to make a CDN $75,000 deposit to the Government of Manitoba, guaranteeing that you will live in Manitoba and start or purchase a farm business in Manitoba. The deposit will be refunded to you when the investment described in your Deposit Agreement is made, your business is operational and you are living in Manitoba. The Deposit Agreement ensures that the applicant understands the commitment to Manitoba.

When is the CDN$75,000 Deposit released?

You have two years from the date of landing to fulfill the requirements of the Deposit Agreement. Once you have met the terms and conditions specified in your Deposit Agreement, your CDN$75,000 deposit will be returned to you in full, without interest. Deposits are released to you only at your current address or may be wired to your account upon request. Any changes to the Deposit Agreement must be discussed and approved by the MPNP-B’s Business Settlement Office before proceeding with any other business.

May I change my plans for my business venture after I arrive in Manitoba?

The Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative is a special rural economic initiative under the MPNP-B. It is expected that if you are approved under the FSRI, that you will invest in and establish a farm operation in rural Manitoba. You are directed to contact the Business Settlement Office for any business related circumstances regarding your Deposit Agreement.

What if I need more time than the two years after landing to establish my business?

An extension may be granted depending on your circumstances and what kinds of activities you had undertaken within the two-year period. Extensions are not automatically granted unless requested for with an adequate explanation as to why the extension should be granted. Any such requests should be directed to the Business Settlement Office in writing, no less than 30 days prior to the anniversary of the two year period.

Does the MPNP-B assist Nominees to identify specific farm business opportunities in Manitoba?

As a government entity, the MPNP-B does not endorse or advertise directly or indirectly any farm business opportunities. The MPNP-B does not have a list of farms for sale. However, through the counselling services by the Business Settlement Office, the MPNP-B will provide you with the necessary information and knowledge that will allow you to undertake independent research for farm business opportunities in Manitoba. Manitoba has a very diverse agriculture economy with opportunities in a variety of farm business sectors. We encourage you to conduct as much research as possible to identify opportunities across the broad spectrum of farm businesses operating in the Manitoba economy.