Retain Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs)

If you have temporary foreign workers (TFW) who’ve been employed in Manitoba for at least six months and you want them to stay on with your company, they are welcome to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

The MPNP is a free program of the Manitoba government. We select skilled workers who bring benefit to the Manitoba economy and "nominate" them to receive Canadian permanent resident status in order to settle with their families in our province.

With the proactive, local and labour market-focused MPNP, Manitoba revolutionized immigration in Canada, giving the edge to employers as employability became the cornerstone for selection of international skilled workers and professionals. The MPNP continues to evolve, bringing about increased employer engagement in order to better meet the needs of Manitoba businesses, to the benefit of our economy and our communities.

How can you take advantage of the MPNP?

Jobs offered to temporary foreign workers with six months valid employment in Manitoba must:

  • be long-term, full-time positions in Manitoba
  • be offered at prevailing regional wage rates
  • be made to a person who meets the required qualifications for the position and who intends to settle in Manitoba
  • not be in conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements
  • comply with Manitoba’s employment standards

Simple application process, virtually no paperwork: it’s all online

  1. Worker submits application to MPNP online
    The application must include the job offer letter from your company and a copy of a valid temporary work permit from the Government of Canada.
  2. MPNP assesses individual’s application
    MPNP officers check the applicant’s training, education, work experience, language ability, job readiness and his or her potential to successfully settle in Manitoba.
  3. MPNP nominates your worker for Canadian permanent resident visa
    The individual will receive notice from the MPNP of his/her acceptance or refusal as a provincial nominee. Nominees are responsible for applying to Ottawa for their permanent resident visas for themselves and their family before the expiration date on their MPNP letter of approval.
  4. Worker extends work permit
    Once your TFW is nominated by the MPNP they should ask us for a Work Permit Support Letter two months before their current permit expires. They must include this support letter in an application to extend their work permit pending the processing of their permanent resident application by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Need assistance or advice?

Contact Employer Direct at 204-945-6300.

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