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Industrial workers with forkliftEmployer Direct serves Manitoba business as your one-stop staffing solution, helping you plan and address your workforce needs.

Employer Direct supports business by guiding you through the process of finding and hiring internationally experienced skilled workers and professionals.

Contact Employer Direct at 204-945-7439 (email: and let us help you get the workers you need now.

Hire locally: Employer Direct gives you access to a pool of skilled and experienced workers who have already immigrated as permanent residents and have gone through orientation and job-readiness programs with our community partner Manitoba Start. If you need staff now, Manitoba Start will find qualified people who match the skill profile you seek.

Hire overseas: If a candidate isn’t available locally, Employer Direct gives you access to Manitoba-destined skilled immigrants who have been screened and selected by Manitoba Immigration, or we involve you directly in the selection process through participation in our regular overseas recruitment events.

Need temporary workers? Employer Direct helps you steer through the government process of registering to recruit temporary foreign workers (TFW).

Keep your HR investment: If you employ visiting workers, Employer Direct can help you make them permanent by having them get Canadian permanent resident status through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

What benefit can international workers bring your business? Learn more about tapping the global talent pool, and understand the planning, recruitment and retention process by viewing Employer Direct’s interactive Employers Roadmap.

Each year the MPNP attracts to Manitoba thousands of internationally experienced skilled workers, tradespeople and professionals who are eager to get to work in our province. Employer Direct makes it easy for you to get the workers you need.

Three steps to success:

1. Plan

  • Assistance in developing workforce strategies to maximize your recruitment efforts and access our domestic and international labour pools
  • Guidance through the process of obtaining labour market impact assessments (LMIA) and work permits

2. Recruit

  • find experienced workers who meet the skill profiles you seek – in Manitoba, as temporary foreign workers (TFW), or internationally experienced workers now moving to Manitoba as permanent residents
  • how to assess foreign credentials and understand the qualifications of internationally experienced workers
  • connect with Employer Direct community partner Manitoba Start to be matched with recent immigrants who’ve completed Canadian workplace orientation
  • leverage international labour mobility partnerships and overseas strategic recruitment missions through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

3. Retain

  • keep your HR investment by turning TFWs into permanent employees through the MPNP
  • access workplace cultural integration and communication assistance services
  • Employer Direct offers ongoing support to ensure positive, long-term results.

Learn more

For more information on supports available for employers hiring newcomers, please visit the Manitoba Start Employer Portal.

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Employer Direct: Get the workers you need

Employer Direct helps Manitoba businesses recruit and retain skilled staff with services and support to access labour pools in our province and around the world.

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