Expression of Interest Assessment

What is an Expression of Interest (EOI)?
In order to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B), a prospective applicant must submit an EOI and receive an advice from the MPNP-B to apply. An EOI is not an application and there is no fee for the submission of an EOI. An EOI is an indication that you would like to be considered for a Nomination Application to the MPNP-B.

All EOI candidates must answer all EOI questions correctly and completely. An EOI is used to evaluate the potential of an applicant to successfully settle and become economically established by starting a business in Manitoba. The MPNP-B does not require a minimum score for the submission of an EOI; however, a higher score increases your chance of being selected from the participating group.

You are not required to attach documents to an EOI. However, it is imperative that you enter accurate information in your EOI that conforms to the information in your supporting documents. It is important to remember that, if invited to apply to the MPNP-B, the information you have submitted with your EOI becomes part of your application. If you provide false or misleading information in your EOI, it may be considered a misrepresentation. The application could be refused and you may be subject to a ban which would prevent you from applying to the MPNP-B for a period of two years. If the information supplied in your EOI is not correct, there could also be adverse consequences for your Permanent Residence Visa application.

An advice to file a Nomination Application is based only on the information presented in an EOI. If you later submit a Nomination Application and the points under the Adaptability Assessment Matrix are less than claimed in the EOI, that application will be refused even if you are able to pass the points test or meet other threshold criteria. You will not receive a refund of any Nomination Application fees if your Nomination Application is refused.

There are no deadlines for the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the MPNP-B. However, the MPNP-B criteria may change without notice and your application will be assessed according to the criteria in place at the time the MPNP-B issues you a Letter of Advice to Apply. The MPNP-B is not obliged to assess your EOI with the applicable criteria on the date of its submission. Your EOI may be assessed with any changed criteria irrespective of the date of submission and the EOI criteria applicable on that date.

For more information about how to calculate the points, please review our Adaptability Assessment Matrix in the Program Eligibility section of our website.

How to Submit an EOI
An EOI must be submitted through the MPNP-B on-line system. There are no alternative ways to submit your EOI. When you complete the EOI questions, you should take your time and ensure that you understand the questions. If you are not certain about the meaning of a question, use the help icons or visit our website for further information.

You will need an active email address to create your EOI account. You must create a username and password to access the on-line EOI system.

Please read this message carefully before you start…
Completing your submission of Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B)

  1. The EOI is an official submission which will become a part of your future Nomination Application, and great care has to be taken when completing it. The MPNP-B will not consider an incomplete submission for selection and subsequent issuance of a Letter of Advice to Apply.
  2. Before you submit your EOI, you can preview your submission. We recommend you save/print a copy of this PDF report for your records.
  3. You do not need to enter all your information and complete your EOI in one sitting. You can log off, then return to the EOI tool and continue. EOIs should be completed within 90 days of your first login. If you are logged in to the EOI system and are inactive for more than 15 minutes, the system will automatically log you off without saving your information.
  4. All representatives must initially register with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Authorized representatives must present their submission through their assigned Username. Otherwise, the submission will not be considered for selection and subsequent issuance of a Letter of Advice to Apply.

Please click on the graphic below if you wish to Submit your Expression of Interest or Register as a Representative with the MPNP:

MPNP Online Apply Now button

After you Submit an EOI to the MPNP-B
Periodically the MPNP-B will select the highest scoring applicants from the EOI pool and issue them a Letter of Advice to Apply. A summary report of such selection will be periodically published on our website. This will give you an indication of your potential for receiving an Advice to Apply in the future. You may strive to further increase your points, such as conducting an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba or enhancing your language proficiency through language training.

You must be ready to provide supporting documents for the claims you make in your EOI submission. Notice of Advice to submit a Nomination Application may be issued shortly after you submit your EOI and you will have 60 days to submit a complete Nomination Application.

If you do not submit a Nomination Application after receiving a notice of Advice to Apply, your EOI will be removed from our database and will not be considered for future selection. Your EOI will be considered for selection for a period of one year from the date of your submission, subject to the above stated conditions, after which it will also be removed from the MPNP-B database.