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Instructions and Document Checklist also available in PDF format

  • Please read the instructions carefully and follow the Document Checklist in order to comply with the documentation requirements of the MPNP-B. Non-disclosure or omission of the relevant facts in the application will result in a decline of your application. If your application is not accompanied by the required documents and forms, or the enclosed documents are not legible, your application will be rejected for non-compliance of MPNP-B requirements and your application fee of $2,500 will not be refunded.


  • Submit ORIGINALS, PHOTOCOPIES or NOTARIZED PHOTOCOPIES of all applicable application forms and documents as indicated below. Translations must be provided for any documents in languages other than English or French and must be certified and/or notarized. All forms require original signatures in ink and must be signed with the same signature as it appears on the applicant’s passport.


  • If you are unable to submit any of the documents listed in this Document Checklist, please submit an explanation and/or alternative documents. You may also submit any additional documents (not listed in this Document Checklist) if you think it will help you to establish your credential to qualify for the MPNP-B.


  • In the ‘Remarks’ column of the Document Checklist you must record S for Submitted, NS for Not Submitted and NA for Not Applicable/Available.


  • The MPNP-B reserves the right to request originals or any additional documents as required to better assess your application.


  • For all documents issued by a third party in support of your credentials, you must provide the contact information such as mailing address, telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address of the person/organization certifying your credentials. For example: Auditor’s contact information with audited Financial Statement, Property Appraiser’s contact information with property Valuation Report, or Bank contact information with bank statements etc.


  • Schedule 4A – Economic Classes – Provincial Nominee – Business Nominees Form has several sections to list your assets and liabilities. Sections A, B, C, E, F, and G are for the disclosure of the principal applicant’s personal assets and liabilities. Do not include business assets in these sections. Business assets must be listed in Section D of this form. The MPNP-B considers the current book value shown in the financial statements of the business as its current market value. You must disclose all assets and liabilities owned by you, your spouse and your dependent children in this form, with the exception of personal effects such as jewellery, antiques, paintings, carpets, furniture and automobiles.


  • Important: Section J of Schedule 4A – Economic Classes – Provincial Nominee – Business Nominees Form: Section J of this form advises an applicant to submit a narrative document. This narrative document should describe all income earning activities and events of your family. Please provide occupational history and indicate the total net income that you and your spouse have received and the business and family investments and loans that you made during a given period. Please provide details for the last twelve years grouped together in four-year periods. Sign and staple this narrative document with Schedule 4A form. Please refer to the Sources of Funds section for further information.


  • If your spouse is a contributor to your family income and net worth, he or she must fill out his or her own narrative document. You must provide his or her Curriculum Vitae (or Resume) and documents supporting his or her income from employment, business or other profession.


  • In the case of multiple properties, businesses, or other assets/liabilities, please put all documents specific to that item of the principal applicant’s net worth together in the order of the Document Checklist. For example, if the principal applicant has two properties, include the title deed, property evaluation report, purchase agreement, and all other required documents relevant to each property together.


  • Warning: You must provide sufficient credible documents in support of your farm business (or) farm management experience and how you meet the FSRI eligibility requirements. If you fail to provide credible documentation in support of your farm business and/or management experience and how meet the FSRI eligibility requirements, your application may be refused.


  • Staple together documents that have multiple pages.



  • You should keep a photocopy of your complete application along with documentation for your future reference.


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