The Application Process

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As an applicant, you must make a commitment to reside in rural Manitoba with your dependants, to operate a farm business in rural Manitoba and to assume an active managerial role in that farm business. A Program Officer must be convinced of an applicant’s commitment to live in rural Manitoba and conduct farm primary production in rural Manitoba before recommending nomination.

Do not complete this application kit unless you have completed your Farm Business Research Visit. Applications received from individuals who have not made a Farm Business Research Visit to Manitoba will not be interviewed and their applications will be returned unprocessed.

Individual Application Kit Components:

Download the Entire New Application Kit: Includes all instructions (42 pages, 874 KB in size)
Individual Components
Cover Page/Address/Table of Contents (53 KB PDF )
Introduction (169 KB PDF)
Program Eligibility: Eligibility Requirement, Business Ownership and Experience, Farm Business Research Visit, Business Intent, Guidelines for Preparing Business Intent, and Eligible Farm Business Investments
Important Information & Policies:
Information and Policies (PDF 92 KB)
The Application Process:
Steps to Starting Your Application (PDF 92 KB)
Instructions, Forms and Document Checklist:
Instructions, Forms, Document Checklist & Document Checklist Tags (PDF 92 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 191 KB)
Important Terms (PDF 305 KB)
The forms are separate and can be downloaded at this link.

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