Province co-ordinates action plan on refugee crisis

Manitoba prepares to welcome more refugee families from the crisis in Syria and area


The Province of Manitoba has launched a co-ordinated strategy to organize government departments, community groups and the public in action toward welcoming more refugee families from Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq and helping them settle in our communities.

Manitoba is preparing to receive 1,500 to 2,000 refugees affected by the crisis in Syria in support of the national plan to resettle 25,000 refugees across Canada.

Many Manitobans have been contacting government officials and community service providers to see how they can contribute as the province prepares for the arrival of families that have fled conflict in the Syria and neighbouring countries in the Middle East.

Find out how you can donate and volunteer

Manitobans seeking information about donations or volunteering should visit the Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO) website.

Find out how you can sponsor a refugee

There are three different ways Manitobans can sponsor refugees. To learn more about sponsoring a Syrian refugee, please visit the Sponsoring Syrian refugees section of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Privately sponsored refugees

Adjusting to a new life in Canada can be a challenging experience. Private refugee sponsoring groups play a significant support role in the lives of sponsored refugees -providing settlement support is one of their main responsibilities. A detailed settlement plan which is revised together with the newcomer and any co-sponsors forms the basis for a successful settlement experience.

Additional information on refugee sponsorship can be found on the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) website. It contains a settlement guide (<1 MB PDF file), links to settlement services and resources, a video library including a video specific to the sponsorship process, and information on the Interim Federal Health Program (<1 MB PDF file). The Program provides refugees with temporary but immediate eligibility for provincial/territorial health benefits.  More information on these health benefits can be found on the IRCC website.

Other RSTP resources:

There are also community-based initiatives for supporting and sponsoring refugees. More information can be found on these websites:

Permanent housing

Do you have apartments or houses for refugees?

At this time, median-market to mid-market rate units with three, four or five bedrooms are needed most, both within Winnipeg and in nearby communities outside the city.  Houses, apartments and condos are preferred, particularly those available for rent on a long-term basis.

Those with info on available units are encouraged to contact 204-945-6211 or

Welcome to Manitoba

Information about settling in Manitoba is available in the Arrival section of this website.

Settlement service organizations in Manitoba

Members of the Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO) help newcomers, including refugees, settle in communities across Manitoba.

Visit their online list of all MANSO members to find a settlement service provider near you.

News and Resources

News and resources on refugee resettlement can be found here.

Manitoba moves forward on resettlement commitment

Manitoba has committed $1.4 million, including $200,000 in front-line support for Syrian refugees, to:

  • provide immediate, on-the-ground humanitarian assistance to refugees in the greatest need;
  • support settlement agencies to ensure a co-ordinated response;
  • facilitate and increase the private sponsorship of Syrian refugees with local agencies and new supports;
  • support the successful integration of Syrian refugee youth through educational, employment and mental health supports;
  • ensure Syrian refugees have access to high-quality health-care services while continuing to offer health care coverage for refugees; and
  • connect Syrian refugees to employment and job training through holistic employment supports.