I conduct most of my business activities on a cash basis. What documentation do I need to supply to support my income?

In some situations, an applicant may be involved in a business where transactions mostly occur on a cash basis. The financial statements, business bank accounts and/or tax payment records may not support the activity level of the business. Unsupported declarations about the scope and size of the business are not sufficient. It is your responsibility to present sufficient credible documentation to demonstrate your source of income and funds.

If my application is refused, can I appeal the decision?

All decisions are final. There is no appeal process to the MPNP after a decision has been rendered. The MPNP has implemented the Procedural Fairness Policy to allow you to address concerns prior to the MPNP making a final decision.

What is an exploratory visit for MPNP Skilled Worker applicants?

An exploratory visit is a pre-arranged trip that potential MPNP Skilled Worker applicants may make to the province of Manitoba, Canada to research communities and employment opportunities to help them make an informed decision on whether they have the intention and ability to find employment and settle with their family in Manitoba as permanent residents.

After the MPNP interview included in a pre-approved exploratory visit, we may invite you to submit an MPNP Online application. Note that it is the Letter of Invitation, not the exploratory visit, that establishes a candidate’s requisite Manitoba connection.

The MPNP conducts exploratory visits at our discretion as resources allow in order to provide opportunity for qualified skilled workers, otherwise ineligible for our program, to establish the Connection to Manitoba that is required of all provincial nominee program applicants.

Exploratory visits must be approved by, then arranged through, the MPNP only by invitation following our acceptance of your request.


Exploratory visits for Skilled Worker Overseas applicants are different than exploratory visits for Business applicants.


Can children support their parents MPNP application?

No. Children living in Manitoba cannot serve as Manitoba Supporter for their parents’ MPNP application.

Instead, you may be able to sponsor your parent or grandparent to become a permanent resident under the federal immigration Family Class. Visit the Sponsor your parents and grandparents section of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to learn more.

Can I participate in Express Entry if I have an active application with the MPNP?

At this stage, only those MPNP applicants directly contacted by the MPNP and advised to do so should submit an Express Entry profile as the MPNP will otherwise not be able to assist you with your Express Entry submission. All applicants should follow the steps outlined in their Letter of Approval from the MPNP when applying for permanent residence.

Please note that candidates who were not nominated through our Express Entry “sub-stream”, but decide to submit an Express Entry profile indicating they are a Provincial Nominee will be removed from the Express Entry pool after 30 days as provinces and territories can only confirm the nomination of those Express Entry candidates that were nominated to designated program categories.

Can I participate in Express Entry if I have already been nominated by MPNP?

MPNP applicants under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba or Skilled Worker Overseas streams who are already nominated should not enter Express Entry as the MPNP will not be able to support this application. Nominated applicants should follow the steps outlined in their Letter of Approval from the MPNP when applying for permanent residence.

For applicants nominated through one of the regular MPNP program categories, this includes submitting their permanent resident applications to the Centralized Intake Office, rather than using Express Entry.

Expression of Interest – Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Expression of Interest?

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first step for candidates interested in becoming permanent residents in Manitoba, Canada through the MPNP. Anyone interested in immigrating through our program as either a Skilled Worker in Manitoba or a Skilled Worker Overseas will answer a few questions about themselves and their profile to ensure they meet the minimum criteria of the MPNP. Those who submit an EOI are placed in a pool of candidates.
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With the MPNP, does my family also get permanent residence?

Yes. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is designed with families in mind. The person who applies to the MPNP is the qualified skilled worker, and your family is included in the application as eligible accompanying dependants, who are automatically part of your provincial nomination for Canadian permanent resident status. Continue reading