How is an application assessed to determine if it meets the MPNP requirements?

The MPNP’s assessment system uses a multi-step process for reviewing applications for nomination. Once the Nomination Application is received following a Letter of Advice to Apply, the file is comprehensively assessed by a Program Officer. If the assessing officer is able to make a positive assessment with the information and supporting documentation contained within the application, an approval recommendation from the officer is then reviewed by the Assessment Review Team (ART) comprised of Senior Management of the MPNP.

If the assessing officer is inclined to recommend an application for refusal due to concerns that you have not satisfied the MPNP that you meet all MPNP requirements, a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) will be sent to you and your authorized representative (if applicable). The PFL will outline the officer’s concerns and allow you up to 30 days to respond. The MPNP believes that this time period will allow you a fair opportunity to respond to the concerns outlined in the PFL. Upon receipt of information from you regarding the PFL or after the specified period has expired, the officer completes his/her assessment of the application. The final step is for the officer’s recommendation to be reviewed by the ART. This multi-step process involving multiple officers of the MPNP ensures that each application is assessed fairly.