How long will it take for MPNP application to be processed?

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is based on a bilateral agreement between the government of the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada which requires Manitoba to thoroughly and consistently pre-screen all applicants to ensure that each nominee has a clearly demonstrated potential to become a successful economic immigrant permanently settled in Manitoba.

This is why the MPNP processes the strongest applicants first by selecting those with confirmed employment, job-ready English, training and work experience indicating potential for employability and/or strong family connections.

Manitoba cannot guarantee processing times for any application because each application is assessed on its own merits and each requires follow-up with applicants and supporters to ensure program integrity.

To expedite processing of your application, ensure that you have uploaded legible, verifiable documents to prove all statements you make in MPNP Online.

MPNP committed to faster processing: The application management strategy, implemented Aug. 1, 2014, improves processing times by staging receipt of applications from skilled workers not currently working in Manitoba.

After nomination by the MPNP, you must submit an application for your permanent resident visa to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Processing times vary depending on the Canadian visa office responsible for assessing your application. But note that Manitoba nominees typically receive their permanent resident status considerably quicker than those applying through federal immigration classes. You can find out more about visa processing times at CIC.