How do I apply to the MPNP?

If you meet the eligibility criteria published on the MPNP website, you may submit an application for our consideration using our digital (web) application system, MPNP Online.

In your application you must provide personal, education, language and work-related information and documents as well as a Settlement Plan.

The MPNP will assess your application based on how well the documents you provide demonstrate that you meet program criteria, and your ability and intention to successfully establish in Manitoba as an economic immigrant and settle in the province as a permanent resident.

If the MPNP nominates you, you must then submit a separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for your permanent resident visa. CIC, which has the sole authority for Canada visas, will review your file and complete health, security and criminal background checks.

Application Intakes: The next acceptance period for applications from skilled workers not currently working in Manitoba is in 2015.