Can I apply to the MPNP if I want to live in another part of Canada?

No, you cannot.

A connection to Manitoba and the intention to live in this province is a foundation of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

The MPNP selects educated and experienced skilled workers and entrepreneurs with job-ready English who demonstrate a genuine desire and plan to establish their careers, their families and their homes in the Canadian province of Manitoba as permanent residents.

In your MPNP application, you must disclose whether you have family in another province, and whether you worked, studied or visited in a Canadian province other than Manitoba. You must list all previous immigration applications, including applications for temporary work permits, student visas, refugee claims, federal skilled worker or family class applications, and applications to provincial nominee programs in other provinces of Canada.

If you meet all MPNP criteria, but have a connection to a different province or city in Canada deemed to be stronger than your connection to Manitoba, your application may be rejected.