Do I need a Settlement Plan?

All applicants to the MPNP must submit a Settlement Plan. This questionaire is part of MPNP Online.

In the Settlement Plan you explain why you want to move to Manitoba to settle as a permanent resident and how to intend to achieve your employment and settlement goals, in particular: finding a job and/or advancing your career.

Settlement Plan is your opportunity to tell us why you’re a good candidate for the MPNP, and how you can make an immediate contribution to the Manitoba community and economy.

Settlement Plan links you to Manitoba reports on your declared occupation in Job Bank so you can do research on local qualification requirements and labour market conditions.

As many in-demand occupations are regulated in Canada (professions and certified trades), Settlement Plan asks your action plan for becoming licensed to work in your (regulated) occupation as well as a plan for employment in unregulated occupations related to your field.

Settlement Plan is important. If you are nominated by the MPNP, we will provide you with an interactive, online workbook that helps you take action toward achieving the plans you made.

Note: Settlement Plan Part 2 (SPP2e) is a separate and different form. It is required only of individuals applying with a social or familial connection to Manitoba.