What is Self-assessment Worksheet?

The MPNP Self-assessment Worksheet – or “points worksheet” – is a required document for all MPNP applicants who are not currently working in Manitoba. The worksheet form is a fillable/saveable PDF.

(Such applicants are called Skilled Workers Overseas. This category includes individuals who are living in or visiting Manitoba but are not employed full-time in Manitoba.)

When you decide to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (and note that you should first check your eligibility using the Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool) you will log in to MPNP Online. There, on the Eligibility page, you will download the points worksheet and enter the score you get from the worksheet on the Eligibility page.

If you are an applicant who is required to submit the worksheet with your application, follow these steps:

  • Download the PDF and open it using Adobe Reader.
  • Read the form thoroughly and carefully.
  • Enter the points you assess yourself as having for each question. (The PDF calculates your total score.)
  • Save the completed worksheet to your computer or other device, with a new filename: SAVE AS mpnp-points-surname.pdf.
  • MPNP Online will tell you when and how to upload the worksheet file that you completed and saved.

To determine your eligibility BEFORE logging in to MPNP Online: use the MPNP’s interactive eligibility questionaire, the Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool.

Important: Both the MPNP Self-assessment Worksheet (PDF) and the Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool are for self-assessment only. Assessment of applications is done by the MPNP based on the documents you upload to demonstrate (prove) all information you provide in MPNP Online.

Determine your eligibility using the Come to Manitoba, Canada Tool